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Economic intelligence and data

Economic intelligence and data can be useful information for businesses and helps to give us an indication of how the local economy in Rutland is developing.

Rutland key statistical data

Every two years we produce a report which details key statistical data around our population growth, employment figures and house prices.

This helps us to see the impact of our Economic Growth Strategy and where we need to channel more resources.

If you want to use a statistic from this report, please quote the source of the statistic, shown below each table.

Download Rutland
Key Statistical Data Report


Useful websites

You can search for a range of other useful statistical data using the following online resources:

Tourism data from STEAM

The tourism sector makes a significant contribution to Rutland in terms of employment figures and the economy. During 2018 tourism employed over 1,700 FTEs in the county, had a positive economic impact of £135.6 million and generated over 2.5 million visitor days - an increase of 3.9% on 2017.

This data tracks how tourism has benefited the local economy over time.  Please contact tourism@rutland.gov.uk for more information.

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Was this information helpful?