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Our licensing service is delivered by Peterborough City Council.

To drive a hackney carriage vehicle licensed in the Rutland area you must hold a hackney carriage drivers licence issued by us. This also authorises you to drive private hire vehicles, however it does not authorise the driving of vehicles licensed outside the Rutland area. 

Drivers are issued with a badge that must be worn at all times when carrying out their duties. We have a responsibility to ensure that drivers of hackney carriage vehicles are fit and proper persons to hold their licence. Therefore, we only issue licences after all the necessary checks have been made and validated.

Apply for a new hackney carriage driver's licence

To become a hackney carriage driver, you need to:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • hold a current full UK driving licence and have held this for more than one year
  • be able to demonstrate you have the right to work in the UK

To become a hackney carriage driver you will need to make payment online and submit your application by email to rcclicensing@peterborough.gov.uk and attach copies of:

When we receive your application, we'll contact you to arrange an appointment to take a suitability test - bring your original documents to the appointment as we need to see them before we can proceed with your application. 

Driver suitability test

You will need to take a suitability test. This includes reading, writing, mathematics and awareness of child sexual exploitation:

  • reading - you will be asked to read a short paragraph of text on disability awareness
  • writing / spelling - you will be asked to write our three receipts for mock journeys to addresses
  • mathematics - you will be asked to calculate change for a range of mock journeys
  • child sexual exploitation awareness - you will tested on your awareness, based on the Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness document

Knowledge test

If you're applying for a hackney carriage driver's licence, you will have a knowledge test carried out by a licencing officer. The pass mark is 80%. Hackney carriage driver's licence holders are entitled to drive both hackney carriage vehicles and private hire vehicles.

If you're applying for a private vehicle driver's licence, the knowledge test is not needed. Private hire vehicle driver's licence holders are only entitled to drive private hire vehicles.

Medical examinations

All applicants must have a medical examination as part of their initial application. Our licencing officer will give you a medical form to be completed by a doctor - you can choose which doctor. You are responsible for any fees charged.

If you are issued a licence, you'll need to have a medical if you're aged:

  • 45 to 64 - every five years
  • 65 and over - annually

We'll send you reminders.

Apply to renew private hire driver's licence

Please allow plenty of time when applying to renew a licence 

We cannot accept renewal applications after your licence has expired, you will be asked to submit an application for a new licence and will not be able to drive until the new application has been processed.

To renew a hackney carriage driver licence you will need to make payment online and submit your application by email to rcclicensing@peterborough.gov.uk - attach copies of:

After we receive your valid application, we aim to process your application within 10 working days. If we need any more information, we'll contact you. 

Decisions: renewal applications

If we receive information during the renewal process which causes us concerns about a licence holder's behaviour, or if we have reason to believe a person may no longer be deemed fit and proper to hold a licence, this will be considered in the renewal process.

Refusal to grant a renewal application

A driver has the right to appeal, this right of appeal is to the Magistrates Court, which must be lodged at the court within 21 calendar days of being notified of the decision not to grant the licence.

It is an offence to deliberately make a false statement or not give all relevant information on the application - punishable on conviction by a fine of up to £1,000.

Recording refusals, Revocations and Suspensions  

If you are applying for a license, it's important that you know about our responsibilities in relation to the National Register of Taxi and Private Hire licence Refusals, Revocations and Suspensions (NR3S).

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