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Your health and happiness

Looking after yourself is important, and we want to give you all the support you need to be as physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy as possible.

Everyone is different, and we’ll help you to find any health and wellbeing services and activities you need when you leave care.

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Looking after your wellbeing

Your personal adviser can support you with anything to do with your health and wellbeing.  

They also have information about any health professionals who already support you. 

When you leave care, you’ll receive the same health services as any other adult – this includes a GP.

If you have an additional health condition and regularly see a specialist, they’ll help you make sure your needs are met by adult health services when you turn 18.

If you’re supported by child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), your personal adviser and social worker will help you get any support you need from adult mental health services.

Your health needs and history

You have a looked after children nurse, who is responsible for supporting your health needs and reviewing your annual health assessment and health plan – to make sure everything’s in place to support your health until you’re 18.  

They will also complete your health passport at your last health assessment (when you’re between 17 and 18 years old).

Passports hold all the health information from your school nurse records and GP records, and include your health history from your annual assessments.  

If you lose your passport, you’ll be able to get a copy from us or your GP, even if you live outside of Rutland.

The information from your last annual health assessment and leaving care review also feed into your pathway plan, and will include anything you need to look after your physical, mental, and emotional health after you’ve left care.

Registering with a dentist and GP

We’ll support you to register with a local dentist and GP, if you need this.

The Health for Teens website has information for older teenagers about their rights and how to get the health services they need.

You can also find tips for healthy living.

Support with drugs and alcohol

Turning Point can offer you support if you live in Rutland, Leicester or Leicestershire.

For young people aged up to 24, their youth team can work with you from any suitable location.  

The team are based across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and includes:

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • recovery workers
  • support workers
  • peer mentor volunteers and trainers

There are lots of different people who can offer their support, knowledge and encourage to help you to recover from addiction.  

You do not need to go through your GP to use this service – just email or call:  

Email: YPandYAservice@turning-point.co.uk.cjsm.net

Telephone: 0330 303 6000

If you live outside of Rutland, your personal adviser can support you to contact your local drugs and alcohol support services.

Support if you have a disability

When you’re around 16 years old, you and your social worker will start to look at housing options, and which would be best choice for you when you leave care.  This work may need to start a little later than 16, in some cases.

When you’re 18, we’ll introduce you to a new worker who can support you and work out whether you can get ongoing adult social care support if needed.

If you don’t need support from adult social care then, but do later, you can always contact our adult social care team:

Email: adultduty@rutland.gov.uk 

Call: 01572 758 341

If you live outside Rutland, your personal adviser can support you to contact your local adult social care services.

Keeping active and leisure

You will get a free or discounted gym pass through Active Rutland.

As part of your pathway plan, we will support you with:

  • the cost of maintaining contact with your family and friends
  • social activities, hobbies, and cultural activities or outings
  • your cultural and religious needs

If you live outside Rutland, your social worker or personal adviser will help you to explore what’s on offer locally, and offer you financial support to use a gym.

Your emotional health

You spoke about how important it is to have people to talk to if you feel down, and having quick access to counselling if you need it.  

We recognise that as a care leaver, you may have experienced a lot of trauma and difficulties in life that could affect you in adulthood.

We will offer you support to talk about any worries you have in your life - this support could come from your personal adviser, carer, social worker or support worker.  

We know there can be waiting times for some emotional wellbeing services available through your GP.  If you need a more urgent service, we’ll support get the support you need – including financial support if necessary.  

If you need support, speak to your personal adviser and this can be arranged.

Support services

Young Minds is a national charity that offers free 24/7 support across the UK for young people experiencing mental health crises:  

Text: 85258

The Samaritans offer round the clock telephone support.  The number is free to call from landlines and mobiles - you do not need to have any credit or call allowance on your plan to call: 

Call: 116123

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