Taxi ranks

Ideally, taxi ranks should be located adjacent to railway, bus and coach stations, and all major attractions, such as retail areas, places of employment and entertainment/leisure centres.

Ranks should be located within 50m to 100m of the facility being served. If this is not possible then seating should be provided at the rank.

Ranks should be sited so that passengers board or alight from the taxi onto the footway on the nearside of the vehicle. Ramps and steps should only be used for access and egress via the nearside passenger door. Where taxi ranks are arranged on the offside of the road, a pickup and drop off point nearby on the opposite side should be identified for wheelchair passengers.

The footway should have a minimum unobstructed width of 4040mm, to allow for the full extension of the wheelchair ramps to 1620mm and to provide for the full turning circle of an outdoor electric wheelchair, which is 2400mm.



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