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Rutland County Council has recently moved to a new website which means many of the pages indexed in the search engines have moved.

This will correct itself over the coming weeks but in the meantime please follow the links below to find the information that you require.


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The easiest way to search the Rutland County Council website.  If you're looking for 'Payments' then click on 'P' and you should find it there.


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We regularly update the 'most popular' section of the website.  This provides you with links to the services that you access the most.


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Use traditional Local Government Search Terms and search through our advice and information structured under a series of 11 well known headings.


Search by Life Events

A new feature that we have introduced on this site to list popular events that correspond with key events throughout your life.



A comprehensive directory of EVERY page on the Rutland County Council website.



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