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People First

People PictureThe cost of providing some of the most important council services in Rutland is expected to increase by £2 million during the next few years. 

Councillors (Full Council 8 September) signed off on plans published as part of the People First project, including a full countywide transport review, changes to the way council services are delivered, and the possible introduction of charges for some activities that are currently free of charge.


You can read the full report that was considered by Councillors at Full Council on 8 September 2014.


The People First review was launched in April 2014 to help Rutland County Council plan for the major issues such as reduced council funding, changes brought about by the integration of health and social services and the new Care Bill. Linked with these is an anticipated 70% increase in the county’s elderly population in coming years.


People First


Councillor Roger Begy, Leader of Rutland County Council

Roger Begy“Rutland is by no means immune to the impact of major changes to funding, legislation and the national demographic. There’s a great deal to be done over the next five years to implement this review and residents will have the opportunity to put forward their views if changes to their service are proposed. We need to plan ahead so that any changes are considered and by working together in this way we will ensure we continue to deliver the best possible services to those most in need.”

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