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Housing Options Advice and Homelessness

Rutland County Council provides a comprehensive housing advice service, which includes advice for anyone that feels they might be at risk of homelessness. We also hold and maintain a housing register which anyone can apply to join.

Please contact Rutland County Council on:


Phone: 01572 722 577

Email: housingoptions@rutland.gcsx.gov.uk for more information.


You can also call into our offices:

Rutland County Council 




LE15 6HP


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    Spire Homes own the ex Council Housing in Rutland (transferred in 2009) and we continue to work in partnership with them to provide suitable housing for people on the Council's Housing Register. Please contact Spire Homes directly if you are a tenant of theirs, for:

    • Repairs
    • Rent
    • Any tenancy matter
    • Neighbour nuisance

    tel: 0300 123 66 11

    text: 447797 800062
    email: spirehomes@longhurst-group.org.uk

    website: www.spirehomes.org.uk



    Rutland County Council also works in partnership with a number of other Registered social landlords who own properties throughout Rutland. Contact us if you are wish to apply for housing with.


    De Montfort Housing Society - East Midlands Housing Group - St John and St Anne - Lincs Rural Housing - LHA Ltd - Minster General Housing - Accent Nene - Ragland Housing - NCHA



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