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Please use this form to notify us if you have any Concerns about Children.


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The contents of this form will be emailed to Rutland County Council. Please refer to the Council's Privacy Policy. Personal data supplied on this form will be held on computer and will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for statistical analysis, management, planning and in the provision of services by Rutland County Council and its partners. Rutland County Council will treat all information as confidential Rutland County Council DC has a duty to protect the public funds it administers. As part of a national exercise, we have been required to supply Council Tax information to the Audit Commission. The information we have supplied includes Council Tax payers’ names and addresses and discounts being claimed. The Audit Commission intends to compare the information we have supplied with the Electoral Register. If it appears a Council Tax discount is being claimed incorrectly. We will make further enquiries to establish whether the discount should be cancelled. The Council can impose a penalty charge if a Council Tax payer claims a discount that he or she is not entitled to. Please contact us immediately if you have forgotten to tell us that you are no longer entitled to a council Tax discount. We may share the information you supply with other departments within the Council.

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