Home Care

Care in your own home is offered to people who require assistance, it may be with personal care such as washing or dressing, or other practical daily tasks such as help with domestic chores like cooking, or in some instances, help in managing your finances.

Getting help in the home.

Sometimes home care is called domiciliary care. Whatever term is used this service provide a home care assistant who will help you in your own home rather than moving into residential care.

Home care offers you, help and support in your essential daily tasks that you are unable to manage safely for yourself.

The main tasks that we provide help with are assisting you to:

  • Get up and/or go to bed
  • Support you to get washed, dressed, toileted and to prompt medication
  • To help with shopping and preparing meals

The aim is always to help you to live as independently as possible and encourage you to regain skills that you may have lost.

To find out more contact the Adult Care Duty Officer.

Alternatively, you may feel that the REACH Service is more appropriate to your needs.



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