Post 16 Opportunities

Special Educational Opprtunities Post 16

Around the time of a young person’s fourteenth birthday, a special review of the Statement takes place called the Transitional Review. Its purpose is to look beyond the coming year of education to what is likely to be best suited to the young person’s needs in the longer term, including post-16 education and employment. The Connexions Service, the Rutland County College and sometimes Social Services may be invited to contribute to the review, as well as you and your child.

Rutland’s policy is that educational provision for young people with learning difficulties will normally be provided through the further education sector, usually at the Rutland County College. The College has special facilities and a range of courses suited to students with special needs. Colleges outside Rutland may also be able to help and the transitional review can begin to identify what the most suitable options are.

After the age of sixteen years transport arrangements to suitable colleges will be made by the Council on the same basis as for other students aged 16+, up to the age of 19.



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