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Starting Secondary School in September 2016


Rutland County Council’s online school admissions service is currently open to parents/carers of children resident in Rutland who are in year 6 at primary school and who are due to transfer to secondary school in September 2016.


Before you begin to submit your online application, it is important that you read the information about the application process.  This information can be found on the Starting Secondary School in September 2016 page of this website, and within the Starting Secondary School in September 2016 admissions brochure.


We must also advise that we have been made aware of an issue with the software that manages our online school applications service.  The issue is reportedly causing automated confirmation emails to be sent out twice to parents during the application process.  We apologise for any confusion that this may cause and we are currently working very closely with our software supplier, who have identified the issue and are committed to resolving the problem with minimum delay.  Please disregard any duplicate emails that you receive relating to the applications process.  We would like to reassure parents that this issue will not affect the submission of school place applications online or have any impact on the process of allocating school places.


If you have received a letter from Rutland County Council regarding the secondary school application process, you will see that your child has been allocated a ‘UID’ number, which can be found in the heading of the letter, next to your child’s name.  You should have this UID number to hand when submitting your application online as it will assist you in completing the online application form.


Your online application for a secondary school place for September 2016 must be submitted by 23:59 on 31 October 2015.  To submit your online application, please click on the ‘Apply Online’ link at the bottom of this page.


Starting Primary School in September 2016


The online admissions service for primary school admissions for September 2016 will open in October 2015.  For further information, please go to the Starting Primary School in September 2016 page of this website.


In-Year Admissions


If you wish to apply for a school place for your child for any other year group, known as an in-year admission, you can find information about how to submit an application on the In-Year Admissions page of this website.  Please note that there is currently no facility to apply online for an in-year school place.





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