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Your broadband speed?

BT engineer works on broadband

The majority of premises are able to connect to superfast broadband, thanks to the Digital Rutland project.

This means most of the area covered by Digital Rutland has access to high-speed fibre broadband.

Residents now have the choice to stay as they are (with their current broadband provider) or sign up for quicker speeds as part of a fibre package.


We need YOUR help!

We are keen to compile case studies from businesses and residents who have benefitted from the fibre roll out under Digital Rutland.

Download our case study template today and send your story to: digitalrutland@rutland.gov.uk


Green HouseThinking of ordering fibre broadband?

You will need to contact your/an Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you want to sign up for fibre broadband. This will NOT happen automatically. However, our handy guide helps you understand the process and questions you should be asking.


Blue FibreFrequently Asked Questions

We realise that you have lots of questions and have included the most popular on this page.  Please take a few minutes to read through them before contacting us.  We answer questions on funding, rollout programme, anticipated speeds etc.


Broadband splitterNot yet able to benefit from fibre broadband?

The straightforward infrastructure upgrades have taken place but work continues into 2016 for remaining premises in more rural areas.  Communities on the edge of commercial rollouts are also concerned about their future broadband prospects. 


Rutland VillageLatest broadband progress A-Z by town/village

To make it easier to find information about where you live, we've put together a guide to every town and village in Rutland which will be regularly updated.  It gives a short summary of what is happening in your area.


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