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Development Control

Development Control deals primarily with the processing of planning applications, taking account of county policies and briefs, government guidance and the individual merits of each scheme, in order to control development in Rutland in the public interest.

We also provide pre-application advice and guidance. If this is required, please put your request in writing along with a plan of the development site.


The Development Control area of the website will, amongst other things, enable you to:


If you need to meet with a member of the planning team, please make an appointment. As we are frequently out of the office conducting site visits, we are not usually available for meetings which have not been pre-arranged.

As some investigative work is usually required even prior to a meeting, you must write to us enclosing a plan showing the proposed site and a covering letter giving as much detail as you can about your proposal.

Development Control also handles enforcement and high hedge complaints and requests for copies of planning-related documentation.


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Building Control - ensures that building works comply with the health, safety, energy conservation and access for the disabled requirements, as laid down in the Building Regulations and Building Acts.

Building Control also investigates reports of 'dangerous structures' (e.g. unsafe dilapidated buildings) and can use its enforcement powers to ensure that these are made safe.

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