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Take a Walk

on the Wild Side

Trees are an important part of our landscapes and countryside in Rutland. Providing vital homes, food and shelter for wildlife, they also bring a character to our landscapes.

Walking Rutland

Take a walk on the wild side to explore the hidden treasures our local landscapes offer.


Visit Discover Rutland to find a number of walking routes you could take in Rutland and to places you can explore nature and wildlife in our area.


We will also shortly be releasing our Landscape Leaflet Walks, which you can follow to walk off some of your Christmas pud, whilst learning about the wildlife and landscapes within areas of Rutland.

Create a Wildlife Haven in Your Area

Natural habitats 7


Our gardens, village greens, verges and window boxes can all provide habitats for our wildlife and help our wildlife survive cold snaps and dry spells throughout the year.


This winter you can help our local wildlife by…

  1. Providing nuts and seeds
  2. Provide water in a bird bath or container for birds to drink or wash in, with a light ball in the water to help keep it ice free through the winter
  3. Making and put up bird and bat boxes
  4. Leaving a log pile to encourage insects
  5. Setting a side part of your garden as a wild area or creating a wild flower meadow

Find more tips on making a Wildlife Garden and attracting wildlife from the Wildlife Trusts and the RSPB.


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