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Selling to Rutland County Council

Procurement Guidance

'Procurement' is the process of acquiring goods, works and services, covering both acquisition from third parties and from in-house providers. The process spans the whole cycle from identification of needs, through to the end of a services contract or the end of the useful life of an asset. It involves options appraisal and the critical 'make or buy' decision which may result in the provision of services in-house in appropriate circumstances. Rutland County Council abides by a set of rules which are laid out in the Council's Contract Procedure Rules.


The Selling to the Council Guide is designed to assist organisations to have a clearer understanding of the Council's procurement process.  It gives details of:

  • opportunities for tenders and contracts
  • the financial level where tenders are required or not
  • the tender process
  • what details businesses are expected to supply in support of tenders and contracts
  • a section on frequently asked questions


This document is currently under review and a new version will be placed on the website once this review is completed (April 2016).


This should be used in conjunction with the Contract Procedure Rules (PDF document at the bottom of the page)

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