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Customer Notice: 23rd September 2016

Due to a processing error, Council Tax payments scheduled for collection by Direct Debit on 24th September 2016 have mistakenly been collected today (23rd September 2016).

This error affects only those customers whose Council Tax is due for collection on 24th September 2016.

We are currently in the process of contacting anyone affected and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If this mistake causes a problem for you i.e. you to go overdrawn then please contact us and we will help you. Please call 01572 722 577 or email LTaxation@rutland.gov.uk


Council Tax - Billing Information

When you have received your Council Tax bill please check the details carefully and let us know if you believe there is anything wrong, for example, if you think that you should be entitled to a discount which is not shown on your bill, or you are not entitled to a discount that is showing on your bill.

Information that accompanies the Council Tax bills is contained in the Living in Rutland booklet  (PDF, 9MB) and in our Explanatory Notes.

Understanding your bill

All domestic properties are billed for Council Tax with each one being allocated into one of eight bands according to its market value on the 1st April 1991. Those in band A paying the lowest proportion up to those in band H paying the most.  Each band is set by the Valuation Office, the Council Tax charge allocated to each band is set by the Billing Authority, Rutland County Council.

Your bill details the band allocated to your property and the amount of Council Tax you have to pay.  It will also show a breakdown detailing how much of that is for Rutland County Council, the Police, the Fire Authority and the local Parish.

If you are receiving any discounts they will also be detailed on your bill, for example, a single occupier discount or Local Council Tax Support.  Further information about property banding and how to appeal against your band to the Valuation Office (not Rutland County Council) is available at the central government .gov website


The Council Tax charges for this year can be found on the Council Tax Charges Page.

The full Council Tax charge assumes there are two people aged over 18 in a property and that they are both counted. If this is not the case then you could receive a reduction in the amount you have to pay. To find out if you may be entitled to a reduction use the links below:

In addition to any other reductions you may be entitled to Council Tax Support, and/or we can award a discretionary discount on an individual basis if your circumstances are exceptional. Please visit our Local Council Tax Support Scheme page for details of the Discretionary Fund.

Do remember, if you receive a reduction and your circumstances change you must tell us within 21 days or you may face a penalty charge. 

Payment options for paying Council Tax

We offer a variety of payment options, details of which can be found on the Making Payments page.  If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you can also select your payment date from 1st, 15th or 24th of each month.  To set up a Direct Debit instruction simply call us on 01572 722577 with your bank details to hand.


We can now issue bills to you by email.  If you would like to opt into this service please email localtaxation@rutland.gov.uk with the subject header "ebilling" and remember to provide your account number or address information to opt in. 

Instalments 10 or 12

The standard payment scheme for Council Tax is 10 monthly instalments - from 1st April to 1st January.  Many Tax-payers prefer this method because it means that no payments are due to be paid in February or March. 

Since 1 April 2013, you can choose to have up to 12 instalments, by making payments in February and March.  This means that, even though the total amount of your bill will remain the same, your individual instalment amounts will be reduced. 

If you wish to have these two additional instalments, please contact our Customer Services Advisors on 01572 722577, or email localtaxation@rutland.gov.uk - please use the subject header “12 monthly payments” and remember to provide your Council Tax account number. 

Please note that if we are part way through the financial year you will not receive 12 instalments, however, your instalments can still be extended to end in March of the financial year.

If your bill shows a credit

If your bill is for a credit amount and you wish to claim a refund please provide us with a correspondence address and bank details into which we can return your money.  The following form needs to be completed and returned to us, either in the post or attached to an email to localtaxation@rutland.gov.uk

Claiming a credit amount

Credit Balances after Vacation

Occasionally a council tax payer vacates a property and after adjusting their charge there is a credit balance which, in some cases, is due to be refunded but we are unable to do so as we do not know the whereabouts of the council tax payer. We cannot publish the list of individuals, but the list of these credits for businesses as of 31 August 2016 can be found here.

Moving In or Out and Changes in Occupation

If you become the owner or tenant of a property, or if you move in, then you must register for council tax. You also need to tell us if the number of occupiers changes so that we can calculate any exemption or discount that you may be entitled to. You can do this by using the contact details at the top of this page or by downloading and completing an occupation formvacation form, change of circumstance form or by using our online change of circumstances form.

Discussing Your Details

We will not discuss your personal details with anybody else unless the law allows it (for instance a power of attorney) or you give your permission. If you would like us to speak to somebody else acting on your behalf complete and return the third party consent form.

Further Information

For information about the use of personal data, or for details about making a data request, please visit our Data Protection Act Page.

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