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Safeguarding - Adults

Safeguarding - Children

Salt and Grit Bins

Salting - see Gritting Information

Salting Routes

Scheme for Financing for Schools 

School Admissions

School Attendance 

School Closures

School Clothing Grants  

School Complaints Procedures 

School Development Plans 

School Governors 

School Meals 

School supervised medication 

School Term Dates 

School Transport - Financial Support 

School Truancy

Schools - General Information 

Scrutiny Commission

Secondary School Admissions 

Secondary Schools General Information 

Section 52 (Schools) Financial Publication  

SEND Local Offer

Services for Children and Families 

Services for children with disabilities 

Shorelink (Tourist Bus)

Sixth Form & Post 16 Education 

Social Services - Adults and Children

Snow clearance 

Special Education Needs (SEN) - Information

Special Education Needs (SEN) - Adult Learning

Speed Humps - Road Markings and Signage 

Sports - Active Recreation 

Statement of Accounts (Financial Publications) 

Stillbirth - registering 

Street Cleaning Programme 

Street Collection Licence

Street Furniture 

Street Lighting

Street Litter (incl Street Sweeping) 

Street Litter Bins 

Street Name Plates - Road Markings and Signage 

Street Naming and Numbering

Street Trading licences

Support for adults with HIV 

Support for children with HIV 

Support Groups and Organisations for Carers 


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