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Note: All 'Council Housing' related enquiries should now go to Spire Homes (external link) who now own and manage all former 'council housing'.  If you wish to seek advice about the Council’s Housing Register please contact 01572 722 577


Cabinet (including Forward Plan)

CAF (Common Assessment Framework) - part of Families First

Car Amnesty Scheme 

Car Parking Permits - see Residents Parking Permits

Car Parks - council

Carers (Adult) - see Adult Carers

Catmose Sports (Gym, Swimming, Leisure)

Cemeteries and Funerals

Census and Population Information 

Change of circumstances 

Child Protection


Children & Young People’s Workforce

Children's Trust (Rutland Together website)

Citizenship ceremonies

Civic Amenity Sites (Waste Tips and Permit Scheme)

Civil funerals 

Civil partnerships 

Climate Change

Commercial Waste Collection 

Committee Meetings

Community Safety

Community transport 

Concessionary Travel

Complaints Procedure (Customer Complaints)

Complaints Procedure (Schools)

Complaints (Members)

Compliments and Complaints Procedure (Social Services)

Conservation (including Conservation Area Maps)


Corporate Priorities

Council land and premises

Council Meetings

Council Tax Information

Council Tax Benefit (now known as Local Council Tax Support Scheme)

Councillors - General Information

Countryside Local Access Forums 

Cremations and funerals - cremation without a funeral director 

Cruelty to animals - see Animal welfare 

Customer Services

Customer Care Standards

Cycle Lanes and Routes - Road Markings and Signage 


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